All for your four legged friends

We're dedicated to making our dog tug toys an extra special experience for your dog. Play time made safe and more fun with our range of strong fleece tug of war toys, snuffle mats and snuffle balls.

To add to the excitement of a new toy, we hand wrap each order in dog-friendly gift wrap. So your dog can enjoy not only the toy inside but the experience of unwrapping it!

Is Tug of War good for dogs?

Yes! Not only is it an excellent source of exercise during playtime, it's also a great way to bond with your dog. You can even use tug of war as a training tool to teach your dog boundaries.

Playing tug provides your dog with mental and physical stimulation, this is something they need in their everyday life.


Can my puppy play tug of war?

Yes your puppy can defiantly play tug! Playing tug of war with your puppy will increase your bond quickly. It will also help to bring your puppy out of their shell and let them gain confidence.

We'd recommend to play gently with them until their adult teeth have grown through.

Benefits of using a Snuffle Mat:

  • Provides mental stimulation

  • Encourages your dog's natural instincts of foraging and sniffing

  • Helps to relax an anxious dog

  • Excellent source of exercise for elderly dogs that may not be able to go for walks as often

  • Slows down feeding time, perfect for dogs who gulp their food


Also, a snuffle mat is perfect for dogs as simply an enrichment activity!

Even if your dog doesn't gulp their food or isn't anxious, they will absolutely love doing these puzzles!

Sniffing and foraging releases a chemical called dopamine in your dog's brain which is happiness, you will often find when your dog uses a snuffle mat their tail will wag!

Benefits of using a Snuffle Ball:

  • Encourages your dog's natural instincts for sniffing and foraging.

  • Releases a happy chemical called dopamine when your dog is sniffing and foraging out the treats or food.

  • Provides physical and mental stimulation.

  • Slow feeder for your dog, which can prevent sickness and an upset stomach.

  • Reduces boredom which can mean less destruction in your house (especially if your dog is still a puppy).

The main difference between a Snuffle Ball and Snuffle Mat is that a Snuffle Ball will move while your dog is sniffing out their treats or food.

This makes it harder and more time consuming compared to a Snuffle Mat that won't move.