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Snuffle Mat - Custom Made

Snuffle Mat - Custom Made

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Our handcrafted Snuffle Mats are the perfect gift for your dog or puppy.
This is our custom made snuffle mat, you choose your colours.

We only use the highest quality of fleece fabric, so that your dog can enjoy a snuffle mat that will last.

You can choose 1-2 colours from our range.

If you would like ‘Grey’ in your snuffle mat, please leave me a note at checkout.

Size: 45cm length x 35cm width
This size is perfect for any dog, apart from extra small dogs.


Ways to use a Snuffle Mat:

- Slow Feeder for dogs that gulp their food
- Treat Enrichment
- Scent Training
- Helping an anxious dog to take their mind off their anxiety
and many more..

How to use a Snuffle Mat:

1. Get your dog's favourite treats or food.
2. Place it into the snuffle mat (you can decide how easy or hard you want this snuffling activity to be for your dog).
3. Let your dog sniff away!

First time snuffling?
We recommend sprinkling food or treats on top of the snuffle mat to start with so that your dog can get used to it first. Then you can make it harder the more your dog uses it. This helps your dog to not feel frustrated while snuffling. It's a new adventure for them so always go easy to start with.

Processing and Delivery Time:
- Processing time is up to 1-10 days, as these snuffle mats take a little while to create. Not only that, but we want to make sure your snuffle mat is perfect in every way.

Please note:
- This is a snuffle mat and should be used for treats/food.
- Please supervise your dog while using the snuffle mat.
- This snuffle mat should not be used as a chew toy.
- I cannot be held liable for any minor delays in delivery once dispatched.
- As these are handmade, sizes are approx.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing quality!!

Such a lovely snuffle mat, the quality is amazing! Keeps the girls busy for a while, plus it’s so gorgeous! 🩷

Love it!!

We absolutely love this snuffle mat!!
So well made and definitely ridgeback proof. Sulby gets really excited when she sees me get the snuffle mat and sits down drooling while she waits.
Its a perfect size to take with us when travelling to have in her crate, or to use when we get to a hotel/accommodation. It's also perfect for those rainy days when she doesn't want to leave the house and a good sniffing game/scent game enables her to use her brain and tires her out as much as a good hours walk does.
This snuffle mat is so well made and I recommend it to everyone!