Hi, we're CanineCraftsUK, a family run business. We're crazy dog lovers. We have two dogs ourself who absolutely love being part of our business, as they get to test out all the toys we make! We're that type of person that goes over the top when spoiling their dog with toys and treats.

We always used to find it hard to choose dog toys that would be safe and last for our dogs. As we grew into adulthood, we realised most people felt this way.

Most people now have a dog in their life and it can be such a struggle to find the right toy for them. Play time with your dog can be stressful with plastic toys, rope toys and soft toys. Our dogs love to chew which meant no toy would last longer than a few minutes in our house before we'd have to dispose of it because it was no longer safe for them. You want a dog toy that you can play with and enjoy without the unnecessary stress. Dog play time should be fun, right?

So, we decided to start CanineCraftsUK. We handcraft tough and durable dog toys - incredibly unique and ideal for any dog, no matter the size of your dog! Even better, each dog toy is created with so much love and wrapped up like a present for your dog. All you have to do is play with your dog to reap the benefits of this toy, which is creating an unconditional bond.

So far, we're proud to say that we've provided over 100 dogs with a new tug toy or enrichment toy for their birthday or as a special gift! It brings us immense joy just imagining all the doggy smiles and happy playtimes we've spread worldwide! We can't wait to see your dog(s) with their new toy!

In the near future, we hope to be spreading joy worldwide, not just the UK, USA, Canada and Australia - every dog deserves a special toy whether it's a birthday gift or just spoiling your four legged friend. We have plans to expand our range of dog toys to give you even more variety, so the stress of choosing a dog toy truly will be a thing of the past.

- With Love, the team at CanineCraftsUK