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Large Mega Tug

Large Mega Tug

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Our Thick Dog Tug Toys are handcrafted using high quality anti-pilling fleece. 
You can choose 2 colours from our range.

Your order will be wrapped dog-friendly, so that your dog can enjoy not only the toy inside but the experience of unwrapping their new toy!


Size: 38cm length x 3.5cm width

*Size does not include the tasselled ends.

This toy is perfect for large dogs.


Your dog can finally enjoy a toy that is strong, no mess and will last. Even better, they can use this toy in a number of ways: tug of war, fetch, agility or training! 

Tug of war is a great way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog or puppy.

It's also an excellent way to interact and bond with your dog.



Care instructions:

This dog toy is machine washable at 30 degrees, leave to air dry, do not tumble dry. Your order will come with care instructions.

Please note:

Like with all toys, this tug toy is not indestructible and supervised use is recommended.

When the tug toy shows signs of wear, it should be thrown away or recycled.

As these items are handmade, sizes are approx.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Charlotte Herbert
absolutely amazing

absolutely fab quality and such a quick turn around, couldn’t be happier with our tug

Nikky Beck
Perfect tug toy

This is such a fantastic toy to play with, we have 2 dobermans and they love this! They each grab an end and pull eachother around the room. Its definitely a must have.

Mega Tug Toy

This toy is a great length and allows for a great game of tug with our Doberman. She loves to run around with this toy and play independently with it too. After a couple weeks of use, the toy still looks as good as new and this is the same for all canine crafts toys we have purchased.

Love this!

We love this tug toy and how long/big it is! Perfect for a strong large breed like a Ridgeback.
We have had other rope toys before that have not lasted a week or she's lost interest, but she absolutely loves this and keeps going back to it. We love it as its long enough to keep our hands out of the way when she gets too over excited 🙈.
It is so well made, strong and robust, I would definitely recommend this toy!

Tug Rope

I bought my puppy a tug rope and he absolutely loves it! Now he's nearly 6 months old he still loves it, he now really enjoys a game of tug of war. Lovely colours too, it's nice you can pick your own colours. Thank you so much!