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Small Snuffle Ball - Multicoloured Paws

Small Snuffle Ball - Multicoloured Paws

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Our handcrafted Small Snuffle Ball is the perfect gift for your dog or puppy.
This is our red snuffle ball with multicoloured paw prints.

We only use the highest quality of fleece fabric, so that your dog can enjoy a snuffle ball that will last.

Our snuffle ball is packed with a generous amount of fleece folds to ensure your dog has plenty of snuffle time!

Size: 4 inches
This size is perfect for small dogs, puppies, cats and small pets.


Ways to use a Snuffle Ball:

- Slow Feeder for dogs that gulp their food
- Treat Enrichment
- Scent Training
- Helping an anxious dog to take their mind off their anxiety
and many more..

How to use a Snuffle Ball:

1. Get your dog's favourite treats or food.
2. Place it into the fleece folds of the snuffle ball.
3. Let your dog sniff away!

First time snuffling?
We recommend putting the food or treats on the opening of the fleece folds to start with, so that your dog can get used to it first. Then you can make it harder the more your dog uses it. This helps your dog to not feel frustrated while snuffling. It's a new adventure for them so always go easy to start with.

Processing Time:
- Processing time is up to 1-7 days, as these snuffle balls take a little while to create. Not only that, but we want to make sure your snuffle ball is perfect in every way.

Please note:
- This is a snuffle ball and should be used for treats/food.
- Please supervise your dog while using the snuffle ball.
- This snuffle ball should not be used as a chew toy.
- I cannot be held liable for any minor delays in delivery once dispatched.
- As these are handmade, sizes are approx.

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