How Do You Use a Snuffle Ball?

How Do You Use a Snuffle Ball?

Snuffle balls have numerous ways you can use them, below is a list of the different ways you may choose to use your snuffle ball:

  • Slow feeder for dogs that gulp their food
  • Treat enrichment activity
  • Scent training
  • Helping your anxious dog to take their mind off their anxiety

and many more!


Benefits of using a snuffle ball:

  • Encourages your dog's natural instincts for sniffing and foraging.
  • Releases a happy chemical called dopamine when your dog is sniffing and foraging out the treats or food.
  • Provides mental stimulation which involves a lot of your dog's energy.
  • Acts as a slow feeder for your dog, which can prevent sickness and an upset stomach.
  • Provides physical and mental activity.
  • Reduces boredom which can mean less destruction in your house (especially if your dog is still a puppy).


How to use a snuffle ball:

1. Get your dog's favourite treats or food.

2. Place it into the fleece folds of the snuffle ball.

3. Let your dog sniff away!


Is it the first time your dog has used a snuffle ball?

We recommend putting your dog's food or treats on the opening of the fleece folds to start with, so that your dog can get used to it first.

Then you can make it harder the more your dog uses the snuffle ball.

This helps your dog to not feel frustrated while snuffling.

It's a new adventure for them so always go easy to start with.


Happy snuffling pups, enjoy your new enrichment puzzle!


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