How Do You Use a Snuffle Mat?

How Do You Use a Snuffle Mat?

Whether you've already purchased a snuffle mat or if you're looking to buy one for your beloved pet, these tips and tricks will make the process of getting your dog used to a snuffle mat much easier.


How to use a Snuffle Mat:

1. Get your dog's favourite treats or food.

2. Place it into the snuffle mat fleece strips (you can decide how easy or hard you want this snuffling activity to be for your dog, by either placing their treats or food on top, or really working them inbetween the fleece strips)

3. Let your dog sniff away!


Is it the first time your dog will be using a snuffle mat?

We recommend sprinkling your dog's food or treats on top of the snuffle mat to start with, so that your dog can get used to it first.

Then you can make it harder the more you dog uses it.

This helps your dog to not feel frustrated while snuffling and foraging.

It's a new adventure for your dog so always go easy to start with.


Benefits of using a snuffle mat:

  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Encourages your dog's natural instincts of foraging and sniffing
  • Helps to relax an anxious dog
  • Excellent source of exercise for elderly dogs that may not be able to go for walks as often
  • Slows down feeding time, perfect for dogs who gulp their food


Also, a snuffle mat or snuffle ball is perfect for dogs as simply an enrichment activity! Even if your dog doesn't gulp their food or isn't anxious, they will absolutely love doing these puzzles!

Sniffing and foraging releases a chemical called dopamine in your dog's brain which is happiness, you will often find when your dog uses a snuffle mat or ball their tail will wag!


Happy snuffling pups, enjoy your new enrichment puzzle!


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